Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Carter 3 years worth of hell raisin'

I'm thinking, maybe one day you'll be surfing the internet and find your daddy's blog from 10 years ago. Well if you do, know that you changed my life 3 years ago and I love you.
    When you were first born I didn't really know what to think about it all. It's a very overwhelming experience. I was scared cause you were so tiny. I believe that's when I started growing old in my mind. I thought, Damn! What am I gonna do now? Actually, I really thought Damn! What have I done up till now? I've been goofing off. I gotta make this boy some college money. Well after 3 years I ain't any closer to that. Ha! I'm working on it though. I never really felt anxiety until you came along. You're probably thinking I had it made till you, but that's not the case at all.  I waited on you for 32 years. When I was a kid, I often thought what my son would be like. I always knew I would have a son. Seeing you at your 3rd birthday party was a eye opener to me. You're turning into exactly what I've hooped for. Funny, Smart, Shy, Loving, and Stubborn..ha ha!

I never thought I could quit smoking. I loved it. One night I thought I was having a heart attack and we went to the ER and you were crying for me, but they were hooking me up to monitors so I couldn't hold you. I looked you right in the eye and told you I would never smoke another one and I haven't and never will again. No one has that kind of power over me, but you. Don't you ever abuse that power boy! Cause I will tan that Don't ever smoke. Not cause it's wrong, but because it's so damn hard to quit. Even your Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw have quit for you and your cousins. I never thought I'd see that.  Don't ever let your mama tell you that she never smoked...haha She had her moments of wildness. She's smoked since I have. She don't have that addictive personality like me though. Maybe you'll be like her. Last time, Don't smoke!! Also don't ever be ashamed to tell someone you love them. You tell 'em!
I hope this finds you well and I love you so much.
I'm tired so I'm gonna crash. Maybe I'll get you and take you to bed with me. I think I will. Love you!
Daddy 12/13/2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Call for Jeff

Doing what I have done for the last 10 years has led me to meet a lot of great people. Thousands of caring, compassionate, and fun loving people that have left their mark in my life. Being a "people person," I have pretty high taste in who I let into my head and heart to become someone I care about deeply. True Friends. Brothers. "Sista's".  My people.  Even within that tight circle there are a few that stand out to be something more that you ever expected. That's where Jeff Elliott comes into the picture.
    We weren't the kind of buddies that talked on the phone every day, went fishing together "even though we'd planned to," or  seen each other as much as we'd like , but we were good friends. Just busy in our own careers. Since his passing on Tuesday, it's all I've thought about. "Wish I would have called him more." "Should have stopped in and seen him last week." I think it's just normal in the grieving process, if there is anything normal about that at all.  Normal or not I really wish I would have.
      Last time I seen him was at Raw. My buddy Scott Fuller had come into town, and stopped in to see me play at Rhythm & Brews. When I got done we both wanted to run down to Raw "or what we still call Buck Wild" to see Jeff. We rolled in strong! Like we were walking onto stage or something. Soon as we walk in there's Jeff. "Oooooh Hell!" Jeff Exclaims as we throw up our "gang signs" as we walk in the front door. "It's on now!" We all exchange our hugs and "bro-kisses." For the next two hours we have some beers and shoot the breeze about what we're all up too. Four years ago it would have been a line of Jager Bombs or shots of Jack and we would have broke some glasses and a few bathroom doors. HA! Lots changed since then. However, we did have our reunion. In our bar. We acted like a bunch of old timers in a room full of young bucks. Jeff made me get up on stage and take over the open mic that was going on. He requested everything he wanted to hear and I obliged as always. We closed it down.
      That's how it was every time with Jeff. He made you feel so special. He made you a "big deal." No matter who you were. When you walked in the door at Buck Wild he was grabbing your beer at the same time he was asking "whatcha drinking?" He already knew, but that was Jeff. Unselfish. Always making you "the star." What ever tip you left him for the beer, I'll guarantee it was not worth what he gave you in confidence when you left there.
        If there is a man out there that didn't like Jeff Elliott, I have no hopes in ever crossing paths with him. I will miss him deeply. We really need more people like him and it's so sad we lost him on Tuesday. I love you brother and I'll see you when I get there.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Grandfathered In / Bye Bye Bobby

I have been a Braves fan as long as I can remember. My Paw Paw and I watched the games together from the time I was a little kid. We watched the Braves lose a whole lot of games together. I remember Bobby Cox becoming the manager and going through that 1991 season when we went from worst to first and made it to the World Series. As long as I'd been watching, the Braves had never really won like that. It was something really special. Especially since I seen how much it excited my Paw Paw to see his team doing so good. They lost that world series and the one the next year too. He passed away August of '95. Two months later our Braves won the World Series. I'm sure he was looking down smiling. He was my hero. I named my son after him. I really felt like he was with me tonight. Rooting for Bobby. It felt good.
Thanks for the good years Bobby Cox.

Old School

I passed a mid-80's Ford full size Bronco on the road the other day. It was loaded down with kids. I bet there was 8 10-13 yr olds packed in there. At first glance, I think "Ain't no way all them kids got seat belts on." Then it immediately takes me back to 1987. I can remember my mom had a full size Ford Bronco and a full size Blazer and we used to all pile in there and ride to the baseball games. We had so much fun singing songs and picking on each other. Those kind of road trips are good for kids. Even just a trip 10 or 15 miles seemed like leaving the country.
I remember riding down to Weiss Lake from Lafayette. It's about a hour drive. However, when I was a kid, it seemed like it took all day to get down there. I made the same drive back in May '10 and it was over so fast. The world was so big when you were a kid. I thank God that I have a life that allows me to travel a little bit. Keeps my world a little bigger that way. I guess what this is really about. If you're a parent, be sure your keeping that world big for your kids. Take 'em fishing, camping, batting cages, movie, bluegrass festival, even just going out of town to eat dinner. Live...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walked Right Into Greatness

I was billed to open for Tony Joe White last night at Rhythm & Brews in Chattanooga, TN. I had my expectations high, because I know music. I know the bad ass that TJW is.  I walked in to sound check around 7pm and seen they had already set up the drums and amp. I just did my quick line/monitor check and went and had dinner. All the time thinking about my set. Wondering which songs to play and which ones not to play. Should I do a cover song to give an idea of my musical taste. All the things I do before I play.
When I got back to R&B I grabbed a beer and walked in the green room and there sat Tony Joe. We shook hands and he started to introduce his drummer right at the same time I noticed who it was. I said I know who he is with a huge "star struck" kind of smile. It was Richie Albright. The man who laid the foundation of Waylon Jennings' trademark "Outlaw Beat" He also produced a lot of those great tracks as well. Not to mention that he co-wrote one of the greatest duets in country music. "The Conversation." Waylon & Hank JR. Both of them were very cool dudes who really just enjoyed what they do. I love being in the same room with people like that.
I've met and opened for Shooter Jennings, played over 40+ of Waylon's songs live and last night was the first time I really felt the presence. Might sound corny, but I don't give a shit. I felt it. Great night!
BTW, Tony Joe White is a monster. With Richie holding that back beat, they were a 2 piece dirty hunk of country blues.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Being the father of a boy whos dad is a travlin' musician.

I've been paying my dues for a while now. I've been paying my bills even longer. When will it all pay off? I am in the planning stages of a 10-12 song album. I have started tracking songs and like what I'm getting. I can't wait to get the hardware in your hand. Should be before Christmas. I have a few more songs to finish.
      About to make a move to Nashville. I am a little nervous moving my family around, but I know it will all be for the best. I want my son to be raised around music. I think he will appreciate it later. I know a few guys who parents dragged them around music festivals as a kid and they always say it was a blessing.
   This is my first blog. I hope I can keep it up.