Monday, October 11, 2010

Grandfathered In / Bye Bye Bobby

I have been a Braves fan as long as I can remember. My Paw Paw and I watched the games together from the time I was a little kid. We watched the Braves lose a whole lot of games together. I remember Bobby Cox becoming the manager and going through that 1991 season when we went from worst to first and made it to the World Series. As long as I'd been watching, the Braves had never really won like that. It was something really special. Especially since I seen how much it excited my Paw Paw to see his team doing so good. They lost that world series and the one the next year too. He passed away August of '95. Two months later our Braves won the World Series. I'm sure he was looking down smiling. He was my hero. I named my son after him. I really felt like he was with me tonight. Rooting for Bobby. It felt good.
Thanks for the good years Bobby Cox.


  1. The night they won. I was in Statesboro standing outside at Jon Wallin Keg Party watching the game through the front window.