Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Call for Jeff

Doing what I have done for the last 10 years has led me to meet a lot of great people. Thousands of caring, compassionate, and fun loving people that have left their mark in my life. Being a "people person," I have pretty high taste in who I let into my head and heart to become someone I care about deeply. True Friends. Brothers. "Sista's".  My people.  Even within that tight circle there are a few that stand out to be something more that you ever expected. That's where Jeff Elliott comes into the picture.
    We weren't the kind of buddies that talked on the phone every day, went fishing together "even though we'd planned to," or  seen each other as much as we'd like , but we were good friends. Just busy in our own careers. Since his passing on Tuesday, it's all I've thought about. "Wish I would have called him more." "Should have stopped in and seen him last week." I think it's just normal in the grieving process, if there is anything normal about that at all.  Normal or not I really wish I would have.
      Last time I seen him was at Raw. My buddy Scott Fuller had come into town, and stopped in to see me play at Rhythm & Brews. When I got done we both wanted to run down to Raw "or what we still call Buck Wild" to see Jeff. We rolled in strong! Like we were walking onto stage or something. Soon as we walk in there's Jeff. "Oooooh Hell!" Jeff Exclaims as we throw up our "gang signs" as we walk in the front door. "It's on now!" We all exchange our hugs and "bro-kisses." For the next two hours we have some beers and shoot the breeze about what we're all up too. Four years ago it would have been a line of Jager Bombs or shots of Jack and we would have broke some glasses and a few bathroom doors. HA! Lots changed since then. However, we did have our reunion. In our bar. We acted like a bunch of old timers in a room full of young bucks. Jeff made me get up on stage and take over the open mic that was going on. He requested everything he wanted to hear and I obliged as always. We closed it down.
      That's how it was every time with Jeff. He made you feel so special. He made you a "big deal." No matter who you were. When you walked in the door at Buck Wild he was grabbing your beer at the same time he was asking "whatcha drinking?" He already knew, but that was Jeff. Unselfish. Always making you "the star." What ever tip you left him for the beer, I'll guarantee it was not worth what he gave you in confidence when you left there.
        If there is a man out there that didn't like Jeff Elliott, I have no hopes in ever crossing paths with him. I will miss him deeply. We really need more people like him and it's so sad we lost him on Tuesday. I love you brother and I'll see you when I get there.