Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walked Right Into Greatness

I was billed to open for Tony Joe White last night at Rhythm & Brews in Chattanooga, TN. I had my expectations high, because I know music. I know the bad ass that TJW is.  I walked in to sound check around 7pm and seen they had already set up the drums and amp. I just did my quick line/monitor check and went and had dinner. All the time thinking about my set. Wondering which songs to play and which ones not to play. Should I do a cover song to give an idea of my musical taste. All the things I do before I play.
When I got back to R&B I grabbed a beer and walked in the green room and there sat Tony Joe. We shook hands and he started to introduce his drummer right at the same time I noticed who it was. I said I know who he is with a huge "star struck" kind of smile. It was Richie Albright. The man who laid the foundation of Waylon Jennings' trademark "Outlaw Beat" He also produced a lot of those great tracks as well. Not to mention that he co-wrote one of the greatest duets in country music. "The Conversation." Waylon & Hank JR. Both of them were very cool dudes who really just enjoyed what they do. I love being in the same room with people like that.
I've met and opened for Shooter Jennings, played over 40+ of Waylon's songs live and last night was the first time I really felt the presence. Might sound corny, but I don't give a shit. I felt it. Great night!
BTW, Tony Joe White is a monster. With Richie holding that back beat, they were a 2 piece dirty hunk of country blues.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Being the father of a boy whos dad is a travlin' musician.

I've been paying my dues for a while now. I've been paying my bills even longer. When will it all pay off? I am in the planning stages of a 10-12 song album. I have started tracking songs and like what I'm getting. I can't wait to get the hardware in your hand. Should be before Christmas. I have a few more songs to finish.
      About to make a move to Nashville. I am a little nervous moving my family around, but I know it will all be for the best. I want my son to be raised around music. I think he will appreciate it later. I know a few guys who parents dragged them around music festivals as a kid and they always say it was a blessing.
   This is my first blog. I hope I can keep it up.